Portronics Portable Stereo Speaker, 5W POR-738 Bluetooth 5.0


Portronics Portable Stereo Speaker

Connector Type : Wireless, Bluetooth, USB
Speaker Type : Outdoor
Brand : Portronics
Model Name : Dynamo
Recommended Uses For Product : For Smartphones or Tablets

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Portronics Portable Stereo Speaker

  • Crystal Clear HD Sound: Presenting sound that packs a punch- premium, 5W in-built speakers for supreme audio bliss; perfect for your next house party. Equipped with high-quality amplifiers
  • Go-to travel buddy: Planning the next road trip? Take the Portronics Portable Stereo Speaker along for up to 12 hours of non-stop music on a single charge! It’s powerful 2000 mah lithium-ion battery allows the speaker to go on for hours.
  • The best of Wireless: Skip the hassle of wires with 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity- easily connect it to your smartphone or tablet! What’s more, you can also play your favorite tunes from a Pendrive, or just switch to FM Radio if you’re bored. To take it a step further, connect two Dynamo speakers using TWS, for an even bigger, better experience.